THe artists



Brad Biederman is a Canadian fine artist who emphasizes painting murals indoors and outdoors. His preferred medium is spray paint but he's equally comfortable with paint brushes and pencils.  His images are often plays on phrases or moments in history.  The aesthetic of his work has roots in Graffiti and classical animation both which have been apart of his life for the past 30 years. Brad has a consistency that can be seen throughout his work and be read from one artwork to another. Whether it be on canvas, indoor or outdoor walls, the viewer is able to piece together a narrative that is consistent and intriguing with themes as far reaching as fantasy, historical fiction and pop culture.

Brad designed the Masterpiece London logo.




Meaghan Claire Kehoe is a young and emerging full-time artist local to Toronto and Waterloo. Her murals can be enjoyed in over 30 Starbucks cafés across southern Ontario as well as in other commercial and private spaces. Kehoe also takes painting commissions and dedicates time in her studio to her private collection of oil, acrylic and multi-media pieces for collective shows such as The Artist Project in Toronto. She is most recognized for her expressive use of vibrant colour and her Rainbow Nation series- aptly named for its prototype, a portrait of Nelson Mandela, or “Madiba.” 




A Franco-Ontarian from Field, Mique Michelle’s nomadic journeys allowed her to exercise her graffiti from northern Ontario to France. Through her travels and studies at the Ottawa School of Art, she has evolved as a mixed media artist and an active facilitator of the arts in Ottawa. Her work can be seen in galleries, public buildings and in outdoor venues. Mique remains a strong advocate for abolishing negative perceptions of graffiti.




It’s all about funk, style and monsters for Astro – graffiti artist from Montreal. Having started painting in the mid 90’s, he developed a highly distinctive style and created a world of its own, filled with funky letters and weird creatures. His inspirations are from old school New-York graffiti to European and Japanese comics. Always searching for the perfect simple and bold outline for more visual impact, his productions must always be fresh and fun, with a vicious touch. Besides graffiti he paints canvas and does illustrations for various clients.




Canadian graffiti artist Bacon began painting in the 90’s as a teenager.  He is best  known for his colourful works lining the alleys and streets of Toronto.  Bacon describes the art form as being passed down from one generation to the next: “The streets taught me to paint.” 

His work has evolved to deconstructing traditional graffiti spray paint techniques to create an abstract graffiti style while maintaining letter form.  His use of a mature colour pallet and mixing of realism with the stylized graffiti fonts gives his work a unique look with smooth transitions and texture.